We all know that stress can kill – but very often we don’t appreciate how stress levels within our body may be building towards medical problems affecting both our normal organ function and causing an imbalance in our nervous system. Those out of breath moments or palpitations in the chest could well mean your system is getting out of sync.

Cardiac specialists have been using Heart Rate Variability testing for decades to track the health and recovery of patients in their care. It’s an easily carried out process and is a proven indicator of overall heart health, risk of heart attack, and other potential cardiac problems. A HRV reading can help predetermine risk factors associated with early stage coronary heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol, among other problems. But a good HRV reading is powerfully associated with healthy longevity, particularly in people who manage internal stress well. Surely we all seek a kind of graceful aging relatively free of troublesome ailments?

Find out your status by taking part in a Mind and Body Clinic HRV test. It will involve:

  • No more than 10 minutes of your time, initial measurement readings require that you sit still while the machine is connected to your wrists and ankles to take a reading.
  • A full real-time frequency spectrum analysis of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity (FFT)
  • Depending on the results, follow up measurements to evaluate your health more in-depth
  • Even with poor results there is a possibility that we can make recommendations – to help improve your HRV
  • Our expert recommendations may include supplements, specific exercise, breath training and relaxation. These practices will help you move on from an unhealthy status to greater body regulation and steps to improve your life quality in general

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Do read our informative article on HRV testing coming soon. We think everyone should get tested for their own peace of mind and indeed for that of their loved ones. Booking an appointment couldn’t be easier via a phone call or this website.

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