Heart Rate Variability

Mitochondrial Therapy

Arming you against Oxidative Stress

Mitochondrial Therapy as used by Russian Space Medical Institute is an emerging practice in the UK, but almost a 100 years old in Russia.

Heart Rate Variability

Stress Testing

Heart Rate Variability,

Athletes, Physical Function, Immune System, Stress Check

Although stress testing is an awesome approach to improve your athletic performance, Heart Rate Variability Assessment can be used as a stroke and cardiac arrest prevention tool for monitoring and feedback of how people are responding to stressful environments, such as their work load.

Dental Pain Relief

Reduce Inflammation and Pain (Pre and Post Surgery)

Dental Pain can be reduced and in some cases pre-treatment and pre-preparation of the jaw and surrounding muscles, it can reduce the effects of drilling and pain by balancing the inflamed tissues around nerves or by moving the stagnant tissue adhesion or scar that occurs with tooth damage.



Electro Biofeedback Therapy

Scenar Therapy is a form of bio-energy medicine invented by Russian scientists. The Scenar device (self-controlled energo neuro adaptive regulator) sets up a two-way communication with the nervous system encouraging it to redirect its activity towards areas of weakness in the body.

Clinical TCM Diagnosis

Chinese Herbal Medicine

As a President and Chief Consultant of one of the largest Chinese hospitals (that specialised in Western Medicine & Chinese medicine) he has over 30 years of direct clinical experience with chronic patients treating all internal & external problems. He now lives in the UK & travels to London to treat patients who have exhausted their options. He has been working over here for over 11 years & through this period we have developed a great system for managing patients who want to be problem free.

High Performance Exercise

Personal Training, Corrective High Performance, Rehabilitation

Injury, (Pre and Post) Surgery, Pain Relief

Typically the body is viewed in parts by mainstream medicine. If a body part doesn’t work, replacing it is not always what the patient wants to hear. In an ideal world merging an integrative approach gives you the necessary support and foundations on which to build a stable structure to get you through a wide range of activities from surgery rehab to high performance.

Cycloidal Massage Therapy

A specialised home treatment or business treatment session for those who love massage and really would like to get more exposure or rest. This is premium session but can be customised to meet your needs. Please enquire.

The Ultimate Health MOT

How sharp is your immune system, how well do you adapt to stress, what do you your cellular stress levels look like, would you survive a very stressful event? The harsh reality is that we don’t normally have the answers to these questions but we can surely take a look and see also if you fall into a high risk category. Once we find this out we can better prepare you for a health transition!

Anti Cellulite Fire Cupping

It’s not a myth that dimpled fat is actually stagnant tissue that can be moved. It’s most definitely always time to get those buns in good shape! We have many tools to help remove the toxin that sits in our layers. Have you yet considered re adjusting the shape contour and tone of your skin, muscles and the f word (fat). We can help you shape up in time for that special event!