“Now I get to clear my head and prioritise my work.. and time to think differently about the challenges our small firm faces in these times of financial austerity, both in the short and long term.” read more

Nlp Helping Family Business Testimonial

“Things along the line have improved tremendously with a key communication strategy in place – which has not reduced costs but improved funding and has given us a better community profile.” read more

NLP Helping Charity Fund Raising Campaign Testimonial

”It certainly helped grow our business by 55 per cent within just 12 months” read more

NLP Helping Travel and Tourism Testimonial

“He introduced new ideas to the group and ways of demonstrating and communicating which a particular person could grasp and fully understand, while demonstrating how coaching works.” read more

NLP Helping Public Relations Testimonial

Five minutes of therapy and Kevin was mowing!

Kevin fell and injured his back while out hiking. “I was in absolute agony as I fell awkwardly and could barely stand due to the searing pain around my tailbone. I could hardly get in or out of the car,” says insurance broker Kevin of Uxbridge, Middlesex.  An appointment became available and he was seen immediately and after just five minutes of SCENAR therapy using the Body and Mind Clinic unique treatment approach he was back home mowing his lawn, much to the amazement of his family. “I just couldn’t believe it – absolutely extraordinary. I don’t even know how SCENAR works but in the right hands it has worked every time.” read more

Scenar Back Pain TestimonialInsurance Broker

Nik runs a successful program at my work place that involves movement to release stress. He helps dramatically keep the stress down in our working environment, which has a knock on effect for my colleagues. Since our 121 sessions have been so successful we now run a group program to keep everyone on the same wave length, focussed, energised and motivated!

Fashion Work Place Treatment TestimonialFashion Manager

Student Pippa fast said goodbye to period pains after SCENAR therapy

A Medical student in Cambridge, Pippa was suffering from severe ‘period pains’ – a recurring problem since early adolescence. But after a single Body and Mind Clinic SCENAR therapy session with the Body and Mind Clinic her pains had eased considerably. “By the very next day,” says Pippa, “they had completely vanished and thankfully they’ve not returned since.
I’d urge any woman with a similar problem to try it. He’s just amazing.”






  read more

Scenar Menstrual Pain TestimonialsMedical Student

Pain at night for Sandy disappeared after hand injury treatment

Sandy fell heavily on her right hand and twisted her thumb badly in the process. This left major bruising and swelling in her thumb, hand and wrist. “It was excruciatingly painful and seemed worse at night,” explains the full time mother from Chorley, Lancashire. She lost no time in booking an urgent appointment the next day for SCENAR therapy at the Body and Mind Clinic even though she had to travel a bit. “I was surprised to see the bruising and swelling go down dramatically after just one session. After several treatments the pain at night had gone completely and my hand was healing beautifully without a cast thankfully.” read more

Scenar Hand Injury TestimonialFull Time Mother

Glenda had relief within 24 hours from a painful trapped nerve

“I had a trapped sciatic nerve and was unable to walk because of the pain,” says Glenda, a shop manager from Borehamwood in Hertfordshire. Prescription painkillers helped a bit, off and on, but failed to treat the cause of Glenda’s problem. But when SCENAR therapy became part of her treatment she had 80 per cent less pain after just a day following the first session. “I also regained better posture and greater mobility through the corrective body work i had at this clinic, so I’m in no doubt that the Body and Mind Clinic SCENAR therapy speeded up my recovery and helped reduce the pain,” adds Glenda. read more

Scenar Sciatic Nerve Pain TestimonialSecretary

Fitness Expert Tom overcome shoulder pain in just a week

Tom was suffering with a shoulder injury for over three weeks. It severely restricted his movement and it pained him even when he did simple tasks like brushing his hair, putting on his coat. Tom, a Personal Fitness instructor from Chelmsford, Essex, just couldn’t do his job. “Following my very first SCENAR therapy session amazingly I was able to move my shoulder with no discomfort. I reckon it had improved by about 50 per cent in less than 5 minutes and continued to improve during the treatment. Within a week i had my second session, as it was recommended to do the treatment closer together, my shoulder was completely free of pain. I’d recommend this treatment to all my clients – Nik simply works wonders.”

  read more

Scenar Shoulder Pain TestimonialEmployee

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