About Us

Over the past 20 years, I have integrated various forms of health related practices.

I originally started as a young athlete who fought through many health challenges with my own personal performance. I achieved many borough champion achievements, but my performance couldn’t be maintained. After many years i now have the solution.

I studied sports science at university whilst running a martial arts school, hard times. I applied my learnings to my Personal Training career, but over time have niched my focus towards a more hands on integrated with movement approach to nurture a more delicate balance between activity and rest.

We often get caught up in getting to the end goal, ‘the performance’.

The workload keeps us distracted and we often completely skip the experience of the task. I teach my students to enjoy the process, to enjoy life, rather than just the task or performance. The results speak for themselves as they transfer into all attributes of their lives.

Stress Management is far more than thinking about not being stressed and far more than eating healthily. Attendees at the clinic learn to incorporate activities that reduces the efforts and strains of daily life, this allows them to naturally rest and regenerate once they have taken on board the skills that are taught .

I had noticed early on that an all encompassing approach nurtured better performance results.

I currently customise exercise high performance and corrective health and well-being programmes including developing rehabilitation programs for athletes who want to get over their achievement hurdles and for those with chronic diseases, using movement, empowering communication, stress testing, organ detoxification, hands on body and mind therapy, healthy eating plans and more.

My programs can be customised for everyone from professional athletes (footballers and UFC fighters) to doctors and the elderly. I am in high demand specially for the older generation as they are ‘smartly’ aiming to keep their youth reduce muscle and bone pain as well as prevent possibilities of accidents.

I regularly work with Ex-CEO’s of major firms who love my anti agin programs as they can see within minutes they can reverse that clock and they are the ones who are currently mentoring me through my projects.

I currently arrange Salsa social dance and choreography for people who like an alternative immersion into movement practice. At the same time i co-teach hardworking people to let go of their daily stress at work by integrating music and dance workshops, or, if they prefer, Martial Arts and Self Defence to build confidence.

I practice my arts for a minimum of 3-5 hours a day, so feel free to come on board while we build this tribe.

I have integrated my learnings from over 20 years of health related studies such as; High Performance Advanced Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese Osteopathy/Chinese Medical Massage), Hara (Japanese organ/abdominal diagnosis), Fire cupping (hot and cold treatments), Gua Sha (skin, scar or adhesion based therapies), Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic Acupuncture), Biofeedback Electrotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Reiki, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, Nutrition including Metabolic Typing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Mitochondrial Therapy, Heart Rate Variability, DNA Health and Fitness Genetic Testing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, and training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis.


We are currently working with leading universities in the UK and abroad to integrate our unique learnings to support patients that have minimal access to obsolete health care.

As you can imagine TIME is of the essence under these circumstances.

We are currently helping our patients to solve or reduce their debilitating problems using innovative ways of combining Western and Oriental Medicine protocols.

Who Can Benefit?

We are here to help you make the necessary health changes.

Patients who currently attend the clinic have requested support while battling cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, stress, phobias and many more physical traumas including paralysis, broken backs and necks, muscular atrophy and other debilitating back injuries for which they are trying to prepare for or avoid operations.

Lifestyle lessons plus treatment have had an unbelievable effect on patients’ quality of life.

We Need Your Help

We are building networks all over the world with people who want to help people.

If you have an exceptional skill set for example in Research, Engineering, Computing, Machine Learning, Biology and other areas and have or are thinking of working on a project in the medical field, please do get in touch.

If you also think after viewing the website that we may have a mutual interest or that we can help you or your team, please get in touch.

We will be happy to hear from you!

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